Berlin Germany The New Go To City

Berlin is a great example of what Germany has to offer.This large city has one of the most exciting nightlife opportunities in the country.Throughout Berlin are fabulous bars and clubs for dining and dancing.Music of all genres can be found at the different clubs, providing tourists and locals alike with a rewarding time that will not soon be forgotten.

To get around Berlin, transportation is also available.For instance, the public transportation system is well designed and highly efficient.One example is the subway known as the U-Bahn.This zoned system offers low fares and if people use the WelcomeCard or Tageskarte day card, discount fares are available.The system is extremely easy to use, as well as the fastest option for traveling throughout the city of Berlin.While using the underground subway, electronic signs are posted in clear view, making it easy to identify the train information, time of the next train’s arrival, and even the direction in which the subway train is heading.

Of course, additional transportation in Berlin includes the bus system.Although slower, buses can be found all over the city so getting around is extremely easy.However, for people who want to get from point A to point B quicker, several express buses do not make every stop.The fares for using the bus system in Berlin are very inexpensive and the system itself is very easy to use.In addition to taking a bus to get back and forth to hotels, shopping districts, and restaurants, tours are also offered.


Shopping in Berlin is without doubt some of the finest in Germany.A number of districts have been established that include both posh stores to high-end boutiques.One district where some of the more upscale and specialty items can be found is called Ku’Duamm.There, people will find all types of interesting pieces that are so in line with the European style.Another area that is awesome for shopping is the Europa Center.This massive indoor center has 75 unique shops, restaurants, and charming cafes to enjoy.

Discovering the Beauty of Lisbon

In 1755, Lisbon was severely damaged by a massive earthquake, only to be followed by more devastation of tidal wave and fire. Sadly, the beautiful structures of the city were completely wiped out. The good news is that the people of Portugal refused to let Lisbon die and with a lot of work and effort, the city has once again been returned to its original glory. In fact, Lisbon was the host city for Expo 98, being put in the spotlight where it now remains.


One of the best aspects of Lisbon is the affordability. Unlike other European cities, this inexpensive destination has so much to offer. Lisbon is situated behind the River Tagus, better known as the Rio Tejo on seven gorgeous hills. Tourists love taking hiking tours of these hills and for those impossible to climb, a special tram system has been constructed. However, the amazing streets throughout Lisbon are one of the primary attractions where tourists can enjoy art nouveau and Moorish architecture. Even many of the streets are beautifully designed with colorful mosaic tile.

Another feature of Lisbon that draws visitors from around the world is the Castelo de Sao Jorge. This castle sits high above the city, having been built during the 5th century. Although modern additions are now a part of the castle, it is still one of the most impressive castles in all of Europe. Over the years, Castelo de Sao Jorge has served many purposes from being home to royalty to housing prisoners. Of course, from the position of the castle, people are given the most incredible view of Lisbon and the surrounding areas.

Lisbon is also well known for its many museums such as the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, which stands for the Museum of Ancient Art. To see hand painted tiles that are used on many of the buildings in Lisbon, the Museu Nacional do Azulejo is worth the visit. Finally, the Centro de Arte Moderna, or Modern Art Centre is also an amazing experience.

Top European Cities to Visit

For instance, London is an excellent choice. This historic city has an abundance of activities and attractions that are perfect for anyone. The St. Paul’s Cathedral is an amazing place to start. As one of the most visited of all sites in London, this 17th century cathedral resides in one of the oldest districts along the River Thames, and now the seat of the Bishop of London. Other places in London worth seeing include the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and of course, the famous Buckingham Palace.

Rome is also a great destination in Europe that is a perfect balance of old and new. Best known for the world’s greatest artists such as Michelangelo, this city offers some of the most spectacular art galleries and museums. Rome is also home to the Sistine Chapel, which continues to be one of the most impressive structures ever built. From the food to architecture to theatre, Rome is without doubt a vibrant city with much to experience.

Then there is the city of Amsterdam. One of the first things that people notice when entering the city is the smell of local food, which is found throughout the city. Best known for an array of colourful flowers, open market places are everywhere. Of course, the expansive canals that run through Amsterdam are also a main feature. This lovely city has something for everyone, making it a perfect place to visit.


Finally, both Florence and Vienna deserve to be mentioned. Florence has wonderful eateries and the beautiful Tuscan influence that has inspired many movies. Vienna is also a city that is truly amazing, being famous for its museums and art galleries. Throughout the city are canals and fabulous restaurants tucked away that provide the real look and feel of the city.

Taking a Scuba Diving Holiday


First, you want to look at destination options and then make a decision as to where you and the family will go for your scuba diving holiday. The decision would be primarily based on the level of experience associated with diving but other considerations include travel budget. With this, you will find the perfect destination that everyone will enjoy. If you are unsure where to start looking, we suggest you talk to a travel agency that specializes in scuba diving trips.

In addition to the travel expert, you can also gain a wealth of information from a dive school or shop. These professionals have first-hand knowledge and experience so they are able to provide recommendations based on the entire family’s needs. Obviously, the focus is to have an incredible adventure scuba diving, but also to look at destinations that have activities on land. This way, you and the family can dive but then spend time sightseeing, touring, shopping, dining out, and so on.

To get started in planning your upcoming scuba diving holiday, make a list of items you will need to take and rent. For instance, most people do not take their own dive equipment, choosing to rent from a reputable resource once they arrive to their holiday destination. If your travels will take you overseas, other items that would go on your list include Visas, needed vaccinations, money exchange, and attire, etc.

With good planning, you will have an amazing time. After all, you want you and your family to enjoy the scuba diving adventure while staying safe. Additional information can be found on the internet. Simply visit different search engines and gather all the information you can find so you are 100% confident that your destination is right for the age of the children and the level of experience and certification.

Included in your search should be discount diving packages, great for people on a budget, date of travel so you get the best weather and dive conditions, options for travel insurance, and of course overall cost for the scuba diving holiday. That way, you are prepared so everyone has the trip of a lifetime.

Taking a Hawaii Big Island Vacation

Hawaii Big Island Vacation

For accommodations, the Kona Hawaii resorts are the best. These accommodations are outstanding and created with distinct looks and feels. For instance, Kona Village is a great choice and one of the most popular accommodations in Hawaii. As a part of an ancient Hawaiian fishing village, this resort is quietly situated on 82 private acres that sit along the Kahuwai Bay. For more than 40 years, Kona Village has been considered among the finest when it comes to beauty and service. You can choose from 125 bungalows made with thatched roofs and decorated with a Polynesian flavor, all near the beach.

Another accommodation to consider is the Royal Kona Resort. This too is rated high on the Big Island, offering gorgeous architecture that sits on 12 acres of oceanfront property. The resort overlooks the Kailua Bay and includes rooms, special guestrooms, and the Lagoon Tower and Alii. The amenities are modern, the service unrivaled, and the view one of the best you will find.

Remember, for a Big Island vacation, you will find hundreds of excellent possibilities but these are just a few of our favorites. In addition to staying in wonderful hotels and resorts, the Island also offer fabulous dining, shopping, water sports, exploration, or lots of relaxation. In fact, to experience the true spirit of Hawaii, you might think about swimming with dolphins, going on a deep sea excursion, or experiencing a romantic sunset cruise.

Unfortunately, some people think that a Big Island vacation is too expensive to afford. The truth is that with careful planning and watching for specials and discounts, you can make Hawaii your next vacation destination. With this, you will be able to participate in an authentic Luau, learn to Hula dance, eat fresh pineapple and papaya, and relax on the sand as you watch the sun set on the horizon.

Tips for a European Backpacking Trip

backpacker tips

Whether looking to travel to Eastern or Western Europe, the opportunities are incredible and vast. It is also important to determine a budget before heading to Europe. In addition to the cost of the trip itself to include airfare, ground transportation, food, and various activities along the way, you also want to look at cost for the backpacking equipment. You could take your own equipment along or simply rent what you need once the destination is reached. Of course, always research the country’s currency and consider exchange rates.

Because backpacking is so popular throughout Europe, there are many equipment rental companies. Obviously, you want to choose a company that has updated, strong, and reliable equipment. The key is to go with a durable side loader style of backpack, which works well. Additionally, always get a guidebook for the area being explored, sleeping gear, and camping gear if you plan to spend the night in the wilderness. You also want to keep some money and your travel documents with you at all times.

Depending on the experience you want, you might go to Europe with a friend where the two of you venture through different regions alone. However, you will also find many tours for people who want the backpacking adventure but are single travelers or simply feel more confident and safe while in a large group. A reputable travel agent could provide names of organisations that put these types of tours together.

To save money, you might also consider airlines other than the obvious. Many European flights are available through unheard of airlines. These airlines are typically safe and most often provide great discounted rates. Finally, before you head to Europe for your backpacking adventure, do research on the areas of interest and try to learn some of the local language. Often, having a better understanding of the lingo will make the experience much greater.

Optifly – Visualise your flight path

OptiflyOptifly is a one-of-a-kind flight planning tool, as it returns both commercial airlines and low cost carriers. This way, instead of relying solely upon booking sites like Expedia, users are presented with multiple options and much more introspection. Routes are divided by legs of a flight, so users are able to view which route segments are flown by low cost carriers. This way, users can book commercial flights through booking sites to save money, and utilize the low cost carriers when available! Before Optifly, having this simple insight into flight planning was nearly impossible.

Optifly also provides users with helpful information for any connection city in the world. View weather data and government information for visa and passport requirements. You can even view all commercial flight possibilities and low-cost flight possibilities out of a single hub!

This new site is especially useful for frequent travellers and those interested in having more control over their trip preparation. Using Optifly can save you hundreds on plane tickets without having to search multiple booking sites for the best prices. They show you every possible flight route, so that you can take some of the planning into your own hands. Expedia will often filter results to show higher prices. Use a booking site to “force through” a few connection locations you find with Optifly’s searches, and you’re likely to find a better price “hidden” in their results.

The site doesn’t offer booking and is completely free. Instead, it offers advice and tools to get you well on your way to finding the best flight for your budget and itinerary. Head over to Optifly and say goodbye to flying blind.

Rewards, Credit Cards, Cash back & Sales: Travel the World on the Cheap

You’re going to be looking at the currency rates and seeing how weak the pound is, and complaining how expensive it is to travel right now – more so than for a long, long time! But no need to worry, we have gathered together some of the best money saving tips and websites to help you claw back some of this cash!

So without further ado, here’s our top 7 money saving tips for travellers…

1. Getting there – looking for a cheap travel try Skyscanner or Kayak for getting there but buy your local journeys locally as they are often cheaper.

2. Cash back spending – if you’re keen on racking up the reward points from your spending then check out the various rewards and cash back credit cards (or if you’re in Ireland, these rewards credit cards) helping you along the way to travel the world, and save cash! My personal favourite though is the BMI credit card – ideal to build-up points to travel the world, and starts you off with a cool 20,000 air miles – enough to fly you to the moon!

3. By your flights when oil is low – maybe you could go really scientific with this and look at the oil markets to see how it is affected.

4. Money saving websites – check out thinking money’s list of money saving websites to help you save money without making any sacrifices!

5. Sales! Buy your gear off-season – I’m guessing most of you reading this aren’t going to be travelling for some time, so make sure you pick your gear up in the sales, as and when they appear. Don’t pay full price for anything, and if you do make sure you get cash back. The easiest to use and most rewarding my opinion is Quidco for money back deals.

6. Buy your gear when you get there – the pound is not as strong as it was, but £20 on a top will still seem expensive when you’re looking at the same t-shirt for £4 in Vietnam!

7. Work! – sounds obvious doesn’t it, as work naturally earns you money, but it also keeps you busy. If you’re busy then you’re not out and about spending money! If you don’t like working then how about volunteering for a charity instead?

Saving money needn’t be hard, you just need to keep asking yourself whether you really need it, is it worth the money, is it the best place to buy from, could you earn cash back?

All in all, travelling the world is not something that you shouldn’t do because you don’t have enough money?! There’s plenty of ways to make and save money you just need to know where to look. With all the cash back schemes, rewards, deals and sales going on there’s no reason why travelling on a budget shouldn’t take you further!

Interesting European Attractions

The first attraction is the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Of all European landmarks, this tower is one of the most famous. Measuring an incredible 984 feet tall, this is also one of the tallest buildings in the entire world. With Paris being known as a very romantic city, many people have proposed marriage at the top of the Eiffel Tower to include celebrities such as Tom Cruise when he proposed to Katie Holmes. Whether visiting the tower during the day or night, the view from the top is simply amazing.

Two great attractions while visiting Europe include Acropolis and the Parthenon located in Athens, Greece. Built sometime during the 5th century, the architectural features are stunning. Of course, throughout Greece are numerous ancient ruins that provide a glimpse into the past. This beautiful country offers both old and new, making it a top destination for many different attractions.

Other attractions worth the time and effort include the Roman Coliseum and the Tower Bridge. The Coliseum is grand and during its heyday, a massive amphitheater where more than 50,000 people gathered for ancient Roman games. The Bridge crossed over the River Thames in London, offering amazing views of the city. While the Roman Coliseum was built during ancient times, the Tower Bridge was only erected in 1894.

Finally, Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace are spectacular European attractions. Big Ben is known as the largest clock tower in the world and while there are no longer tours open to the public, it is impressive during the day and even more stunning at night when illuminated. Buckingham Palace has been the home to British royalty since the early 19th century. Today, tours to some of the rooms are available during August and September, well worth the visit.

Planning the Perfect European Vacation

Throughout Europe are all types of destinations to include Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, the UK, and more. Regardless of where a person wants to go, good planning will ensure an amazing experience but without spending a fortune. For instance, airline travel needs to be carefully planned. Today, a number of budget airlines offer travel to various cities throughout Europe to include HLX, SkyEurope, WizzAir, AirBerlin, EeasyJet, and CentralWings. Most people have never even heard of these airlines but these reputable companies deserve consideration.

Even the rail system is something that should be planned. Many exciting cities in Europe to include Moscow, Beijing, and Vladivostok can be explored using the rail system. One of the best is called the Trans-Siberian railway that travels throughout Europe. However, other rail systems include Eurail that has service to countries such as Turkey, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and more, all for affordable prices.

Even bus service is a great way to see various European cities. In fact, one company called Eurolines has service to more than 500 destinations that include Casablanca, Sicily, and Helsinki. Keep in mind that some European cities are more remote and not accessible by standard transportation options. However, a good travel agent can organize a trip to whatever city with good planning.

One example would be the Swiss Alps. For people who want to reach some of the higher areas of the mountain, special planning would be required. However, once there, the experience of world-renown skiing, prestigious shopping, high-end hotels, and authentic cuisine make it all worth the effort.