Efficient Holiday Credit Card Management

Numbers And Finance

The best management strategy will largely depend on what your current financial situation is. For example, people who are building credit should use their credit cards differently than those who are aiming towards credit card debt elimination. Credit builders may want to show a revolving history of personal responsibility, so charging your entire holiday purchase may be appropriate.

However, those with a high debt load may be better served to use their debit card. If you do go that route, be sure to have it run as a credit card to ensure that all the fraud protections are in place. You could also use a standard credit card, keeping the cash on hand to pay the bill when it becomes due. If that isn’t an option, make a budget that accounts for eliminating the holiday debt completely within four to six months.

There are other things that you may be a factor in your lifestyle and situation that you can take into consideration when managing your holiday credit card debt in an efficient manner. The first thing to look at is what type of credit cards you own. If you have several, you might want to favor the one that offers rewards.

Because holiday debt usually adds a large chunk to the balance at one time, you can earn significant rewards. Keep in mind that many rewards cards give users a bonus for shopping with affiliated retailers, so be sure to favor those stores when you are out and about. Also, don’t forget that your rewards won’t post to your account until the balance is paid, so work that into your financial plan.

Another type of card to consider for holiday shopping is the store-issued credit card. You can usually receive a discount or cash back just for signing up for these and can save on each purchase made as well. However, don’t take advantage of these offers unless you are in a sound position. These should be paid in full every single month, as the interest charged is generally excessive. They can, however, be a good idea if you manage them efficiently.

The holidays are a time when many people are traveling. What better time to catch up with family and friends, after all? If you are leaving home, you need to keep a close eye on your credit cards and use smart strategies. It is recommended that travelers always use credit cards.

Debit cards just don’t have the same protections in place, and it could be weeks before you are keeping a closer eye on the accounts that you have left at home. In addition, using a debit card to book hotels or rent cars can cause your bank balance to be held for a period of time. When using a credit card, it’s your credit limit that is affected and not your personal cash.

Bed and Breakfast on Hadrian’s Wall in Cumbria

Tantallon House Bed and Breakfast on Hadrian's Wall Cumbria

Bed and Breakfast on Hadrian’s Wall in Cumbria, UK

Tantallon House – 4 star luxury Accommodation

Situated on the border of Cumbria and Northumberland, Tantallon House bed and breakfast on Hadrian’s Wall overlooks one of the longest stretches of Roman Wall, which was built over 2000 years ago to protect the Roman troops against the Scottish tribes. Tantallon House itself is a stunning old Victorian building set on top of a hill, with a path leading you up through the beautiful gardens to the front door. The rooms are spacious and decorated in a style which matches the period of the house, whilst being comfortable and very easy to relax in after spending your day exploring the surrounding areas and attractions.

Bed and Breakfast Facilities

The accommodation has been graded as 4 star with silver accolade, and as a guest, you will quickly see why Tantallon House has earned it. The full english breakfast was delicious, and the second day it was great to have the option to a lighter start to the day – fresh fruit, creamy yogurts and hearty muesli. Tantallon House has wifi in every room, widescreen televisions, a lounge to relax in and full size snooker table.

Places to visit on Hadrian’s Wall, Cumbria

The hosts are extremely welcoming, and provided me with afternoon tea on arrival. Their knowledge of the local area and Hadrian’s Wall helped me to plan my time I spent staying there, getting the most out of the surrounding area. Tantallon House has a large amount of resources to help guests, including maps for both walking and cycling on Hadrian’s Wall and in the surrounding areas of Cumbria and Northumberland. Some of the local places of interest include Biroswald Roman Fort which is especially close to Tantallon House, as well as Lanercost Priory and Carvoran Roman army museum.

Tantallon House on Hadrian’s Wall – luxurious accommodation in an ideal location

Tantallon House deserves the high praise its guests have given it on Trip Advisor, from national newspapers including the Times Online and from the official tourist boards. The accommodation is an ideal spot to explore Hadrian’s Wall and well worth a visit.