Diving holidays in Sharm el Sheikh

The Red Sea, which sits between Asia and Africa, and is connected to the Indian Ocean, has long been a popular place for tourists. Temperatures are high, there are many sites of immense historical interest, and the Red Sea’s coastline has a number of beautiful resorts which are must-visit holiday choices for divers. It’s one of the most saline – this means the saltiest – seas in the world, which means that swimmers may notice an unusual buoyancy compared to swimming in bodies of water in other places. While you might think this raises issues for divers, who are primarily interested in sinking under the waves, it hasn’t done anything to damage the popularity of the area with diving fans from across world.

One resort which is widely acknowledged as a premier place for divers to visit, and to use as a base for their diving excursions, is Sharm el Sheikh. This city is on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea, and was originally a small fishing village. Now it’s a proper city, and the Na’ama bay area provides accommodation, nightlife and entertainment for visiting tourists taking advantage of cheap holidays. The old town of Sharm el Sheikh is also worth a visit, as it throws into contrast the new city and gives you a sense of how much has changed in this area during the last forty or so years.

But diving is the big attraction here, and once you’re in the water it isn’t difficult to see why. There are two reefs nearby. They’re called Ras Mohammed and Tiran and they’re busy with a wide variety of startling fish, including some of the bigger varieties like sharks and barracudas. There’s also a wreck which can be dived to, the submerged SS Thistlegorm. These sites can become crowded with other divers during busy periods; if this is a problem, some diving schools and dive operators will organise trips to more remote spots.

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  1. Great post on Sharm El Sheikh diving vacations! The alluring charm of the marine attractions in this destination always seems to impress most divers that visits for the first time. The great thing however that I love about diving vacations in Sharm El Sheikh is that they are ideal for amateurs as well because there are well trained diving guides to help out.

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