Travel tips for flying

There are some parts of travelling that can often be rather simple but you can miss out on great deals and offers if you don’t consider your options. A perfect example of this is when booking your flight.

This is partially because you know what you want, such as where you want to go. As such, it can be all too easy to settle for the first offer that seems reasonable. The downside to this is that, if you just take a little more time to look around, you can often find more competitive and flexible options.

Tips for flying


First of all, there is always a practical issue to flights. Depending on where you live, there may be airports closer to you. If you don’t live down by London and you don’t live near Scotland, for instance, than you might want to consider flying from East midlands airport.

Not only will this be closer to home but the flights are just as competitive. In addition, don’t forget that you’ll save money getting there and back, making for a more tempting offer all round.

Likewise, even if you do live closer to a major airport hub, such as Heathrow or Gatwick, these aren’t your only options. Flying from locations such as Bristol airport may prove to be a much more tempting consideration but will depend on your individual circumstances. Ultimately it’s a balancing act between finding somewhere that’s more suitable whilst still keeping an eye on the price.


Whilst it’s great to have a more practical option, it understandably also needs to be affordable. Fortunately, this is just as simple to work to your advantage. There are countless flights and offers available at any airport; you just need to know where to find them.

Rather than looking individually, use a service like Flybe to compare and find the best deals and flights across the country. Whatever you’re after, you’ll be surprised at how cheap it can actually be.

Be flexible

The more flexible you are, of course, the more there is to take advantage of. If you don’t mind flying early or late you can often make extra savings as these travel times will usually benefit from the lowest fare prices.

In addition to this, bear in mind that you can vary both your outgoing and return flights. They don’t need to be at similar times and if you find two flights at different times that are more affordable, then there’s nothing stopping you from booking in this way. You’ll need to consider how you’ll get to the airport at these times and factor in travel costs but it is certainly worth considering.

So, whether for practical or financial reasoning, you should always consider every travel option at your disposal. This includes looking at nearby airports and shopping for the best offers.