Four reasons to book a rail holiday right now

If you’re planning a quick getaway this summer, or even in the next few days, why don’t you think about going by train? A huge variety of unescorted rail breaks are available in all of Europe’s most exciting cities, as well as its quietest and most picturesque.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, a rail break will leave you with a trip to remember… and for all the right reasons! Flying may seem like an easy option for a no-fuss city break, but here are four reasons why exploring potential city breaks by rail is a much better idea.


Eurostar trains are fast

Flying can cover vast distances in short times, yes, but it’s all the to-ing and fro-ing, the waiting around in lines, the travel to and from airports from the outskirts of town that tends to make it a tedious process.

With rail holidays, all you need do is step onto the Eurostar at St Pancreas station and in less than two hours you’re on the continent. No more waiting around with nothing to do; simply sit back and read a book, or relax and fall asleep and wake up in another country.


Luxurious train travel

Taking a flight is not only stressful but cramped and uncomfortable too. When saving money on a cheap flight, you notice why the price is low the moment you step on a plane.

It’s cramped, claustrophobic and there’s absolutely no room to get comfortable. With a luxurious train break you have all the space you need. You can look out the window, stretch your legs and even get up and walk about in peace.


You can get to Lausanne by train

If you think it’s just trips to Paris that are available, you’re wrong. Train breaks can be taken in many smaller and less visited cities such as Lucerne, Tours, Basel, Dijon and hundreds of other picturesque towns across Europe.

If you’re looking for a true escape via cobbled pathways, medieval cottages and gothic mansions then you will find it on a rail break. Flying on the other hand tends to concentrate on only European hub cities such as Paris, Milan or Berlin.


Get a train to Venice to avoid London crowds!

With the Olympics on their way, now could be the best time to book a rail break. Not only will you get to escape London when the crowds begin to arrive but if you choose to visit a major European city during the time of the Olympics, the chances are that most of the tourists will have flocked to London to either see the games or partake in the carnival atmosphere.

Visiting a European capital at this time could provide you with a real authentic experience, away from the vast throngs of tourists.

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