Optifly – Visualise your flight path

OptiflyOptifly is a one-of-a-kind flight planning tool, as it returns both commercial airlines and low cost carriers. This way, instead of relying solely upon booking sites like Expedia, users are presented with multiple options and much more introspection. Routes are divided by legs of a flight, so users are able to view which route segments are flown by low cost carriers. This way, users can book commercial flights through booking sites to save money, and utilize the low cost carriers when available! Before Optifly, having this simple insight into flight planning was nearly impossible.

Optifly also provides users with helpful information for any connection city in the world. View weather data and government information for visa and passport requirements. You can even view all commercial flight possibilities and low-cost flight possibilities out of a single hub!

This new site is especially useful for frequent travellers and those interested in having more control over their trip preparation. Using Optifly can save you hundreds on plane tickets without having to search multiple booking sites for the best prices. They show you every possible flight route, so that you can take some of the planning into your own hands. Expedia will often filter results to show higher prices. Use a booking site to “force through” a few connection locations you find with Optifly’s searches, and you’re likely to find a better price “hidden” in their results.

The site doesn’t offer booking and is completely free. Instead, it offers advice and tools to get you well on your way to finding the best flight for your budget and itinerary. Head over to Optifly and say goodbye to flying blind.

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