Rewards, Credit Cards, Cash back & Sales: Travel the World on the Cheap

You’re going to be looking at the currency rates and seeing how weak the pound is, and complaining how expensive it is to travel right now – more so than for a long, long time! But no need to worry, we have gathered together some of the best money saving tips and websites to help you claw back some of this cash!

So without further ado, here’s our top 7 money saving tips for travellers…

1. Getting there – looking for a cheap travel try Skyscanner or Kayak for getting there but buy your local journeys locally as they are often cheaper.

2. Cash back spending – if you’re keen on racking up the reward points from your spending then check out the various rewards and cash back credit cards (or if you’re in Ireland, these rewards credit cards) helping you along the way to travel the world, and save cash! My personal favourite though is the BMI credit card – ideal to build-up points to travel the world, and starts you off with a cool 20,000 air miles – enough to fly you to the moon!

3. By your flights when oil is low – maybe you could go really scientific with this and look at the oil markets to see how it is affected.

4. Money saving websites – check out thinking money’s list of money saving websites to help you save money without making any sacrifices!

5. Sales! Buy your gear off-season – I’m guessing most of you reading this aren’t going to be travelling for some time, so make sure you pick your gear up in the sales, as and when they appear. Don’t pay full price for anything, and if you do make sure you get cash back. The easiest to use and most rewarding my opinion is Quidco for money back deals.

6. Buy your gear when you get there – the pound is not as strong as it was, but £20 on a top will still seem expensive when you’re looking at the same t-shirt for £4 in Vietnam!

7. Work! – sounds obvious doesn’t it, as work naturally earns you money, but it also keeps you busy. If you’re busy then you’re not out and about spending money! If you don’t like working then how about volunteering for a charity instead?

Saving money needn’t be hard, you just need to keep asking yourself whether you really need it, is it worth the money, is it the best place to buy from, could you earn cash back?

All in all, travelling the world is not something that you shouldn’t do because you don’t have enough money?! There’s plenty of ways to make and save money you just need to know where to look. With all the cash back schemes, rewards, deals and sales going on there’s no reason why travelling on a budget shouldn’t take you further!

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