Diving for Ship Wrecks in the Dominican Republic

Through the perils of pirates and natural disasters the Spanish Galleons approached th823492_the_island-Dom_Repe Dominican Republic only to sink in the waters just off her coastline. Today literally dozens of these shipwrecks lie in their watery graves just waiting to be explored. If you are a diving enthusiast, or are someone who wants to learn a new skill, then this could be a great vacation adventure for you. Some of the wrecks aren’t the result of error or accident however; there are some that are quite close to the shore that were sunk for no other purpose than to create more diving opportunities. Whilst these may not hold the same mystery of the older shipwrecks, their close proximity to the shore means that even more novice divers can explore what lies beneath the waves.

Once you’re finished with the shipwrecks, you can either choose to lie beside the ocean, or take a sightseeing excursion to one of the islands more spectacular sights, the Salto de Auga Blanca where the 87 meter high waterfall cascades down into a beautiful tranquil pool. If you’re interested in ancient history then a visit to the southwest of the country is a must. The Taino cave art in Cueva Las Maravillas can be dated back as much as 2000 years and is another highlight from your vacation to the Dominican Republic that you’ll never forget.

A trip to the Dominican Republic wouldn’t be complete with wandering around the beautiful colonial architecture in its capital city, Santo Domingo. Alongside the restaurants and shops you’ll find the cobbled plazas and buildings of the history city such as the 16th century Caterdral Primada de America. If the ocean world is still calling you then make a visit to the Acuario Nacional where you can walk through plexi-glass tunnels showing a wide variety of local sea life held in the tanks behind. Any kids will be thrilled to enjoy the thrills of the nearby Auga Splash.

The Dominican Republic isn’t just another Caribbean island offering a nice clean beach to lie on. It offers the active and curious visitor a chance to experience the island’s history, admire its natural beauty and explore its ocean treasure. If you’re looking for a Caribbean adventure, you should put the Dominican Republic close to the top of your list!

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