A Romantic Caribbean Getaway in Jamaica

Romantic Caribbean GetawayOn your holiday in Jamaica you can do exactly that. You can take a romantic ride with your partner – perhaps early morning to see the sun rise together, or in the later afternoon before your evening meal, or if you’d like the opportunity to ride a little more, then you could book a longer horseback experience. It’s possible to take a day, or longer trek where a guide will take you and your partner (either alone, or in a group with others) riding through some fantastic Jamaican scenery.

Another day, why not take a day-trip to the famous Dunns River Waterfalls in Jamaica’s Coho Rios region. This can get crowded on the days that cruise ships are in port so check with your hotel so you choose a time when you’re able to spend a romantic time splashing around in the falls without bumping into large amounts of cruise tourists. Usually the cruise ships will have a set schedule for their passengers so even if you are only in the Dunns River Waterfall area on the same day as the cruise ships, try and schedule your visit before they arrive!

There are many kinds of accommodation on the island of Jamaica, but if you are looking for romance, you probably don’t want to have to deal with children running around, so why not make a reservation to stay at a couples only resort? Here you’ll find that the emphasis is on romance and you’re more likely to have a more peaceful time than you would staying at another resort.

Jamaica is a Caribbean island that’s full of exotic wildlife, clean sand, beautiful oceans and stunning sunsets. It’s the kind of destination that provides a perfect backdrop to that romantic vacation, so find your partner and make that reservation!

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