Avoid the Fuss, Get Married on your Caribbean Vacation

The Caribbean offers a huge selection of wedding ideas for anyone who is tempted by the idea of getting married barefoot on the beach. Many of the resorts have a wedding coordinator who can help you organize your ceremony before you even arrive on the island of your choice. 1058580_beach_wedding You will be offered a variety of locations in which to be married, a selection of “extras” such as a wedding bouquet or a wedding cake, perhaps the hotel has their own photographer who can capture the wedding to show family and friends back home, and then you have the opportunity of either staying in the resort for the remainder of your honeymoon, or exploring the island further perhaps going to some romantic places such as Montego Bay, and Dunn’s River Falls if you choose Jamaica. Alternatively you could start married life with some adventure such as white river rafting, or just indulge yourselves in some quality time at the beach.

Getting married in the Caribbean isn’t as difficult as it may first appear. You will be required to produce certain documentation so make sure you start looking into this as soon as you make the decision to be married overseas. The rules and regulations vary from island to island so if your chosen resort has a wedding coordinator, make sure that you use their local knowledge to negotiate the red tape. Apart from paperwork, some islands require you to be on the island a specified period of time before you qualify to be married there. This is usually a few days so again, check this out carefully so that all your plans co-ordinate around the date on which you can legally marry there. Although it may seem complicated, next to organizing a full family wedding at home, it’s nothing! Find out what your chosen Caribbean island requires, comply and you’re almost ready to exchange the rings.

If you’d like to give family and friends the option of attending, give an open invite to anyone to join you providing they pay their own fare/hotel/expenses. There are some close family and friends who will take you up on this so make sure you set out some ground rules in advance so that you don’t bump into your parents when snorkelling with your new husband off St Kitts! Remember that this is your honeymoon as well as your wedding destination and anyone who wants to see you married must to respect this.

With so many islands, the real problem with getting married in the Caribbean isn’t so much how to do it, but rather where! The good thing is that when it comes to making a choice, you can’t make a bad one, so just decide which resort offers you the best deal for your wedding package and make your decision based upon that. Happy Honeymoon!

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