Modern Day Treasure Hunting – Geocaching Holidays

The word Geocaching is two parts, with the Geo meaning “geography” and Caching “hiding cache”. As a part of geocaching, there are wonderful camping and hiking adventures as people search for the hidden treasure. The first thing you need to do is purchase your GPS and then learn how to operate it, paying specific attention to the method of entering waypoints.


As far as the rules for geocaching holidays, while traveling, items are hidden so other people traveling can go to your hidden location and find the treasure. Every cache would also have a logbook, which would include your information and small notes of friendship. You will also find that as different people find the treasure, they would also sign into the logbook, leaving their information so you end up with names, contact information, and notes left by people from all over the world.

The exciting part of taking geocaching holidays is that you never know what treasure you will find. Of course, food would never be a good cache item but you could leave a book, photographs, toys, and souvenirs from the state or country where you live, or even more expensive items.

Each geocaching holiday will be unique, taking you to a new location and connecting you to new items. Additionally, many wonderful friendships have been formed from geocaching holidays. Keep in mind, caches can be placed in the mountains, under water, in prairies, and virtually any wilderness or urban environment you want. Once the cache has been found, it is important that if an item is taken, the log be completed and a new item of equal or greater value be left for the next treasure hunter.

The great thing about geocaching holidays is that entire families can experience the adventure together. If you want a vacation like none other, something where you can get outdoors and do something unique, a geocaching holiday is an excellent option. This activity is constantly, evolving and therefore, always open to new interpretations of the game.

To get started, you would need to visit where you learn about the rules and post your cache. With this, people interested in geocaching holidays can choose the locations where they want to travel and the game begins. Because it would be impossible for every posted cache to be verified, this community relies on trust. Unfortunately, some people will find upon arrival that a cache is not there. In this case, the cache would be logged on the website so other people do not go to that location.

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