Hurricane Season in the Caribbean: Part 2

cuba, hurricaneWhen you are in your chosen resort, make sure you know what the hurricane procedure is. Ask at the hotel reception what you should do. Some resorts have good hurricane policies that include offering additional nights stay should your flight be cancelled due to a hurricane, and offering a voucher for another stay with them at another time.

Remember you should have a few days to make your hurricane escape plans. Many tourists will opt to take an earlier flight; others ride out the storm and hope for the best. If your island is issued with a hurricane warning, check with your nearest Consulate office or Embassy. They should be able to advise you of what action to take, and your contacting them will alert them to the fact that you are on the island. Keep a copy of the Consulate number with your travel documents so that you can get to them in a hurry if necessary – but remember that once a hurricane hits, you may find yourself unable to contact anyone by telephone until communications are reinstated.

It is possible that any vacation can be hit by some disaster or another, the beauty about the Caribbean is that there is a lot of information available about when and where this is most likely to occur. There’s even a few days of warning that allows you to make up your mind whether or not you choose to stick around or cut your vacation short. Just remember that once you arrive on any Caribbean island during the hurricane season to follow the advice of the people who live there, they’ve probably been through it before, and act upon any instructions issued by your national Consulate. Find out what the local procedures are, make sure you’re in a position to follow them if necessary, and then enjoy your Caribbean vacation safe in the knowledge that if something happens and a hurricane does move in your direction, you know exactly what measures to take to get out of there as quickly and safely as possible.

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