Hurricane Season in the Caribbean: Part 1

While it is possible that you will encounter some storm conditions during your Caribbean vacation, this is more likely going to be of the tropical storm variety than a hurricane. Hurricanes that are reported on the news do happen, but they aren’t as common as the news reports may imply. There are hundreds of Caribbean islands, and you will usually hear of a few that are hit by hurricanes. Some islands such as Aruba, Barbados and St Vincent are not as likely to be hit by severe weather as some of the other parts of the Caribbean and would therefore be a good choice if you want more reassurance that your vacation won’t be spoilt. On the other hand there are some other steps you can take to ensure that your holiday plans aren’t wrecked by Mother Nature at her most destructive.

caribbean_cruise_shipTake a Caribbean cruise rather than staying in one particular resort. Hurricanes don’t develop overnight and so cruise liners have the opportunity to get out of the way if they find they’re in the path of an on-coming hurricane. They will change their itinerary and alter its course so that it moves into a safer area. This can mean that you end up with a totally different vacation than you intended, but at least you’ll be safe from the storm.

Do some research on the Caribbean islands you are considering and find out which months are the most likely for them to have hurricanes, and try to avoid these periods. You could also check out the hurricane statistics for these areas to find out how many times the island has been hit by hurricanes in the past. Choosing an island that doesn’t have a history of many hurricanes in the past isn’t a guarantee, but it is some assurance that there’s less probability of your vacation being disturbed than there would be on a different island with a more active hurricane record.

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