Visit the Great Barrier Reef on a Holiday to Australia

If you’re interested in spending your entire vacation in the Great Barrier Reef area, then you’ve got plenty of choice for accommodation, whether you choose a large high-end resort on the famous Hayman Island, a family resort on Daydream Island, or perhaps camping on the Whitehaven beach on Whitsunday Island, you’ll find something to meet your budget. The activities that you choose will be limited depending on the island you choose, but some islands offer “island hopping” or sailing opportunities so that you can take the opportunity of, for example, bushwalking trails as well as scuba diving around a coral covered reef.

Should you prefer to split your holiday to Australia so that you can visit the cities such as Sydney with its famous Habour and Opera House, or the Australian capital city of Canberra, as well as experience the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef then consider flying up the coast to Cairns and use this as base for a day trip, or mini-break to the Reef. Not all islands are accessible on a day trip basis so this appeals to you, you will need to plan your trip carefully. If you’re not adverse to flying it’s possible to see a lot of Australia in a relatively short period of time using their extensive network of internal flights.

Tourism in the Great Barrier Reef area is having an effect on the environment there and there are some things you could consider to re890259_turtle_great_barrier_reef_AUSduce the size of your environmental impact, such as diving in small groups which are less likely to disturb the coral and not fishing in restricted areas. Don’t be tempted to take a little bit of this or that home in your pocket, it might only be a tiny piece of coral, but It’s part of the larger eco-structure so admire the beauty, take underwater photos to show the people back home, and leave what belongs on the Reef at the Reef!

As well as the time you spend actually under the water, take the opportunity to sail around some of the smaller islands. The Great Barrier Reef is stunning and offers some of the best beaches in the world, some of them not accessible by anything other than a boat. However much time you decide to spend in this area on your Australian vacation you’re sure to have a holiday full of sights you won’t forget!

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