Berlin Germany The New Go To City

Berlin is a great example of what Germany has to offer.This large city has one of the most exciting nightlife opportunities in the country.Throughout Berlin are fabulous bars and clubs for dining and dancing.Music of all genres can be found at the different clubs, providing tourists and locals alike with a rewarding time that will not soon be forgotten.

To get around Berlin, transportation is also available.For instance, the public transportation system is well designed and highly efficient.One example is the subway known as the U-Bahn.This zoned system offers low fares and if people use the WelcomeCard or Tageskarte day card, discount fares are available.The system is extremely easy to use, as well as the fastest option for traveling throughout the city of Berlin.While using the underground subway, electronic signs are posted in clear view, making it easy to identify the train information, time of the next train’s arrival, and even the direction in which the subway train is heading.

Of course, additional transportation in Berlin includes the bus system.Although slower, buses can be found all over the city so getting around is extremely easy.However, for people who want to get from point A to point B quicker, several express buses do not make every stop.The fares for using the bus system in Berlin are very inexpensive and the system itself is very easy to use.In addition to taking a bus to get back and forth to hotels, shopping districts, and restaurants, tours are also offered.


Shopping in Berlin is without doubt some of the finest in Germany.A number of districts have been established that include both posh stores to high-end boutiques.One district where some of the more upscale and specialty items can be found is called Ku’Duamm.There, people will find all types of interesting pieces that are so in line with the European style.Another area that is awesome for shopping is the Europa Center.This massive indoor center has 75 unique shops, restaurants, and charming cafes to enjoy.

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